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Top 10 How To Measure A Bathroom For Wall And Floor Tiles
. Conveniently, the steps for determining your tile needs are the same regardless of surface, so grab a measuring tape and a calculator and get started! Mosaic tile is often used for bathroom flooring because of the superior grip that this tile's seaming provides for both wet and dry feet.

45x7.5 Living Cenere effect Tiles
45x7.5 Living Cenere effect Tiles from
For the floor, installers often center a tile in the doorway. A functional bathroom floor plan is one of the keys to building and remodeling success. Licensed contractor amy matthews shows how to install tiles in a bathroom shower area and the walls to transform a tired old bathroom into a classic art deco retreat.

Whether you're tiling a sprawling family bathroom or working within the tighter confines of an ensuite to learn how to grout the tiles on your bathroom floor and walls, check out our guide by following the link below.

Measure the height from the floor up to the ceiling. I'm not really going to get deep in to how to tile but here are a few hints. Once you've read this guide on how to measure in preparation for installing tiles, please view our how to tile walls and floors guide to learn more about the complete process, including what to tile first and how to prepare. The very first thing you need to do, whether you've chosen floorboards or tiles, is to calculate the area of your room.